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The Educare model is based on research from early childhood development, education, social work and other allied fields. Four core features compose the Educare model: data utilization, embedded professional development, high-quality teaching practices and intensive family engagement.

Strong leadership at Educare Schools supports the implementation of the model and develops the culture for high-quality early childhood education and family support services. In addition, community linkages provide a myriad of community-based services that support access to resources for children, families and staff.

These four core features work together in a comprehensive and intentional way to achieve a high-quality early childhood program that helps children from birth to age 5 grow up safe, healthy and eager to learn. The Educare theory of change posits that the coordinated implementation of these components leads to strong family-school partnerships and parent support for children's learning, and that Educare Centers prepare children for kindergarten and long-term academic and life success.

Data Utilization

  • Research-Based Approach
  • Data-Driven Practices

Embedded Professional Development

  • High Staff Qualifications
  • Intensive Staff Development
  • Interdisciplinary Approach
  • Reflective Practice and Supervision

High-Quality Teaching Practices

  • Provide Full-Day, Full-Year Services
  • Maintain High Staff-Child Ratios and Small Class Sizes
  • Provide Continuity of Care
  • Curriculum (with intentional and specific focus on language and literacy, social-emotional development, problem-solving and numeracy, motor development and the arts)

Intensive Family Engagement

  • Offer On-Site Family Support Services
  • Start Early (with an emphasis on prenatal services and birth-to-three)

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