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The power of the Educare Model is due to these core features working together in a comprehensive, intentional & sustained way to achieve a high-quality early childhood program that helps children grow up safe, healthy and eager to learn.

Provide full-day, full year services Use research-based strategies
  • Commit to continuous improvement and use of local evaluation partner
  • Participate in a national, multi-site evaluation
Implement reflective supervision and practice Maintain small class size and high staff/child ratios
  • Infant-toddler - 3:8 per classroom
  • Preschool rooms - 3:17 per classroom
Provide continuity of care
  • Primary teachers remain with children for 3 years, from birth to 3
  • Second team remains with children from ages 3 to 5
  • Support kindergarten transitions
Offer on-site family support
  • Staff with master's and bachelor's degrees
  • Small caseloads
Implement an interdisciplinary approach
  • Build effective partnerships among staff, consultants and families
Maintain high staff qualifications
  • Master Teachers with advanced degrees in early childhood supervise 3-4 classrooms
Provide enhanced focus on language and literacy Provide strong emphasis on social-emotional development
Provide enhanced focus on problem-solving and numeracy Integrate the arts

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