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Article Location Date
Phoenix Suns Charities awards more than $1 million in grants Arizona 2015-11-18
First Educare School established in California Silicon Valley 2015-11-02
Steve Nash Day begins at Educare Arizona Arizona 2015-10-30
Landmark study sparks question: Do preschool effects stick in Colorado but not in Tennessee? Denver 2015-10-23
Funding change jeopardizes program boosting day care for poor Milwaukee 2015-10-12
CAP Tulsa receives $13 million grant to expand CareerAdvance program Tulsa 2015-10-12
Advocates will work for "clear and continual progress" toward universal preschool Silicon Valley 2015-10-09
Editorial: Progress on early childhood education Lincoln 2015-10-07
In a city with unparalleled culture, museum doors should be open to all New Orleans 2015-10-02
Welcome to the Parent Cafe! KC 2015-10-01
Family thankful for Educare West DuPage West DuPage 2015-09-30
Transforming Tulsa Tulsa 2015-09-18
Educare California at Silicon Valley opens to children, parents Silicon Valley 2015-09-17
South Omaha Learning Community Center earns White House honor as Bright Spot in Hispanic education Omaha 2015-09-16
Educare teaches mother new ways to support son's development Milwaukee 2015-09-15
Bess the Book Bus makes Waterville delivery Central Maine 2015-09-14
School choice complicates Promise Neighborhood's efforts to help kids DC 2015-09-12
Early lessons propel a movement National 2015-09-03
Educare: Center for babies and young children opens in San Jose Silicon Valley 2015-09-03
Fostering early math learning Lincoln 2015-09-01
Growing up with Educare Central Maine 2015-08-31
Educare Kansas City hosts early childhood symposium KC 2015-08-18
Early intervention breaks poverty, closes kids' achievement gap Central Maine 2015-08-16
10 years after Katrina, a new kind of leadership emerges in New Orleans New Orleans 2015-08-12
A public housing project reborn in New Orleans New Orleans 2015-08-10
Local leaders support Best Starts for Kids levy Seattle 2015-08-07
Educare and parent work together to prepare child for kindergarten DC 2015-08-05
Osage Nation overhauling early learning academies to Educare standards National 2015-07-31
Parent and child grow at Educare West DuPage West DuPage 2015-07-17
Educare highlighted in report about children's developmental needs National 2015-07-17
Building for early-childhood program in place in Skowhegan Central Maine 2015-07-15
Building social capital: What schools can learn from Head Start programs Atlanta 2015-07-13
Educare Omaha teacher speaks at congressional briefing Omaha 2015-07-07
Educare Milwaukee boosts parent's confidence Milwaukee 2015-07-07
School districts find ways to support low-income infants and toddlers Silicon Valley 2015-06-24
Milwaukee Art Museum showcases work by Educare children Milwaukee 2015-06-23
At Chicago preschool, parental involvement is key Chicago 2015-06-18
Silicon Valley coalition plays key role in funding early education Silicon Valley 2015-06-17
Educare: A model for early childhood policymaking National 2015-06-17
Sunbeam Family Services welcomes Paula Gates as Early Childhood Services Director OKC 2015-06-14
Bank of America donates $275,000 to Phoenix nonprofits Arizona 2015-06-12
Advocates hope postcards will push Governor Ducey to take action for Arizona children Arizona 2015-06-10
Measuring ROI: Putting Educare in context Winnebago 2015-06-03
Waterville residents work together to build a stronger community Central Maine 2015-06-02
Thriving in the heart of Chicago Chicago 2015-06-02
Tulsa-area pediatricians prescribe reading, talking, singing to children Tulsa 2015-05-15
Educare drives change for all children and families National 2015-05-13
Educare schools come together to celebrate accomplishments and leadership National 2015-05-13
Benefits of earlier starts and longer stays in Educare National 2015-04-28
Beyond education wars National 2015-04-23
Early childhood education group receives millions to improve learning Central Maine 2015-04-23
New early childhood program to open in Skowhegan-based school district Central Maine 2015-04-23
More time spent in high-quality early childhood programs is especially beneficial for DLLs National 2015-04-22
Op-ed: Open a pipeline for local students to succeed in tech Silicon Valley 2015-04-13
Educare Central Maine plans activities April 13-17 in Waterville Central Maine 2015-04-08
News Roundup: Analysis of Educare National 2015-04-02
Educare Family Voices: Engagement Takes a Village National 2015-04-02
Early education narrows the achievement gap with younger starts and longer stays National 2015-03-31
Early education narrows the achievement gap with younger starts and longer stays National 2015-03-31
District 33 expanding preschool in 2015-16 West DuPage 2015-03-26
UnitedHealthcare hosts baby shower at Educare for moms-to-be and new moms Omaha 2015-03-18
Pregnant women and new moms get a bundle of advice Omaha 2015-03-18
Educare partner speaks to California State Senate Silicon Valley 2015-03-12
Working as a team for children West DuPage 2015-03-04
Educators, city leaders discuss impact of education on Tulsa's future work force Tulsa 2015-02-26
Educare New Orleans gets $250,000 Cox grant New Orleans 2015-02-24
Educare School in New Orleans will receive $250,000 from Cox Communications New Orleans 2015-02-24
Classroom observers using new tools to make teachers better Seattle 2015-02-23
First Educare in California under construction Silicon Valley 2015-02-19
Lifting families and communities in Tulsa Tulsa 2015-02-15
Advocates: $4M in casino funds for pre-k programs disappear in budget plan Central Maine 2015-02-13
Educare New Orleans celebrates its first year New Orleans 2015-02-12
Illinois legislators tour Educare West DuPage West DuPage 2015-02-12
'Talking is Teaching' event focuses on early childhood literacy Tulsa 2015-02-05
Closing the gap Tulsa 2015-01-28
Building a better, smarter daycare Silicon Valley 2015-01-23
UnitedHealthcare hosts community baby shower for Educare moms-to-be and new moms Omaha 2015-01-23
Washington governor visits Educare Seattle Seattle 2015-01-23
Maine agency gets $5 million for early childhood education Central Maine 2015-01-22
Educare is a beacon for high-quality early learning Silicon Valley 2015-01-16
Day-care providers to partner with Head Start National 2015-01-14
Educare Central Maine joins forces for early learning policy change Central Maine 2015-01-14
Different approach to breaking the cycle of poverty Atlanta 2015-01-09
A different approach to breaking the cycle of poverty Atlanta 2014-12-24
Advocates cheer White House spending on early-ed National 2014-12-22
Educare federal grant to help private child-care providers Tulsa 2014-12-17
Tulsa Educare awarded almost $3 million in grants Tulsa 2014-12-17
CAP Tulsa's CareerAdvance celebrates first RN graduates Tulsa 2014-12-17
Educare organizations win nearly $30 million in federal grants to boost quality of infant and toddler programs National 2014-12-15
Educare video featured at White House Early Education Summit National 2014-12-10
Colby College students join forces with Waterville preschool Central Maine 2014-12-05
Grant supports Educare Arizona's mission to prepare at-risk youth for kindergarten and beyond Arizona 2014-12-04
Giving thanks to our local education leaders Silicon Valley 2014-11-25
Kids Get Healthy Food on Wheels Tulsa 2014-11-18
Educare Winnebago grand opening Winnebago 2014-11-18
Programa Educare ayuda a nuestra comunidad hispana OKC 2014-11-14
Inasmuch Foundation gives nearly $6 million to Oklahoma organizations OKC 2014-11-14
Celebrating access, opportunity for early learners Tulsa 2014-11-12
Educare Tulsa gives family confidence to pursue goals Tulsa 2014-11-10
Educare Schools honored for design Lincoln 2014-11-03
Letter: The next mayor should invest in early childhood education DC 2014-10-29
In Omaha, George W. Bush's daughters share their recipe for young women's success Omaha 2014-10-29
Educare Winnebago sparks student learning Winnebago 2014-10-24
Educare Winnebago celebrates grand opening Winnebago 2014-10-23
Pre-k network expands to Indian Reservation Winnebago 2014-10-20
Housing stability program helps determined woman stay on track Omaha 2014-10-19
Grand Opening of First Educare School in Winnebago Winnebago 2014-10-18
Educare expands to Winnebago Reservation Winnebago 2014-10-18
Educare Serving Native Children and Families Opens in Nebraska Winnebago 2014-10-18
Enthusiasm abounds at Educare Lincoln 2014-10-13
Current Events: Educare Winnebago Winnebago 2014-10-07
At legislative hearing, early childhood ed, technology in classroom are pushed as priorities Omaha World-Herald Omaha 2014-10-06
Los primeros 2000 días del bebé Miami 2014-10-06
New Educare preschool opening in Winnebago Winnebago 2014-10-05
The Influencers Tulsa 2014-10-01
Educare teaches New Orleans preschoolers New Orleans 2014-09-30
Educare identifies early learning research priorities National 2014-09-30
Early Childhood Data Use: It's a Family Affair KC 2014-09-29
Educare Arizona gives parents a career boost Arizona 2014-09-23
Helping provide children an opportunity for a strong early learning experience Seattle 2014-09-15
Educare Milwaukee program raises quality of child care centers Milwaukee 2014-09-10
Maine Children's Convention Central Maine 2014-09-06
After Ferguson, Race Deserves More Attention, Not Less National 2014-08-30
Toddlers as scientific colorists Seattle 2014-08-29
Alumni parent credits Educare for son's self-confidence Chicago 2014-08-27
Surviving kindergarten Miami 2014-08-19
Educare children are mini art masters at New Orleans Museum of Art New Orleans 2014-08-15
RWJF Commission: Educare improves well-being of children and families National 2014-08-15
Foundations' efforts to educate the very young make headway National 2014-08-11
Educare Chicago children learn how to grow and sell food Chicago 2014-08-06
Preparing kids for the first day of school Miami 2014-07-31
Kaiser Foundation grants scholarship to NSU's College of Education Tulsa 2014-07-29
Seeking Safety: Can preschool help fight crime? Tulsa 2014-07-27
Law enforcement, lawmakers team up for education Lincoln 2014-07-24
County adopts $.9 billion budget for 2014-15 Silicon Valley 2014-07-09
Ask the experts: How can we fix early childhood education? National 2014-07-02
Deserving of celebration: Public education done right National 2014-07-02
Waiting until pre-k is too little, too late National 2014-07-01
Gabbie & Alice awarded $2,500 scholarship for their generosity Central Maine 2014-06-26
The foundations of algebra, through pre-k arts classes New Orleans 2014-06-25
Educare children develop essential social-emotional skills National 2014-06-17
Two of Oklahoma's major philanthropies stay grounded through local focus Tulsa 2014-06-16
Will 'intentional' learning help Milwaukee preschoolers? Signs say yes Milwaukee 2014-06-14
Maine bank partners with Educare Central Maine 2014-06-13
Breaking ground for California's first Educare School Silicon Valley 2014-06-11
San Jose: Construction begun on $14 million preschool and teacher-training institute Silicon Valley 2014-06-06
Kenilworth-Parkside residents see brighter future DC 2014-06-04
United Way honoree Susie Buffett offers rallying cry to Omahans: There are 'lots of ways to fix poverty' Omaha 2014-05-30
Educare West DuPage recognized for green design West Dupage 2014-05-27
A new promise: A community in Washington, D.C., is trying an innovative approach to overcoming poverty. DC 2014-05-25
Retired Generals From Nebraska Visit Omaha Educare Program to Release New Report on Quality Early Education's Impact on Future National Security Omaha 2014-05-14
Silicon Valley Leadership Group Silicon Valley 2014-05-14
Mission readiness for EDUCARE program Omaha 2014-05-14
Steve Nash announces seventh charity soccer showdown Arizona 2014-05-14
Is the key to national security preschool? Omaha 2014-05-14
Lessons for K-12 from pre-k classrooms Lincoln 2014-05-07
Network Meeting brings all 21 Educare Schools together National 2014-05-03
Tulsa World Editorial: Some hope in troubling health disparity findings Tulsa 2014-04-27
Learning Community Council OKs $350K to outfit new north Omaha center Omaha 2014-04-18
Educare Atlanta children celebrate Youth Art Month Atlanta 2014-04-09
Educare Chicago celebrates Library first anniversary Chicago 2014-04-04
Build Your Child's Brain Tulsa 2014-04-03
2013 Zurich Classic champion Billy Horschel helps present contributions to Educare, Ochsner and Louisiana Lighthouse New Orleans 2014-04-03
Clinton: Parents should speak often to children Tulsa 2014-03-26
Hillary Clinton touts new child-development initiative during Tulsa visit Tulsa 2014-03-25
Hillary Clinton in Tulsa to Help Launch Initiative Tulsa 2014-03-25
Hillary Clinton helps launch ‘Talking Is Teaching’ campaign Tulsa 2014-03-25
Donor toolkit recognizes Educare as high-impact investment National 2014-03-25
Hillary Clinton visits Educare Tulsa Tulsa 2014-03-25
Video: Hillary Clinton visits Educare Tulsa Tulsa 2014-03-24
Hillary Clinton kicks off 'Talking is Teaching' at Tulsa Educare site Tulsa 2014-03-24
Hillary Clinton in Tulsa to launch 'Talking Is Teaching' initiative Tulsa 2014-03-24
Hillary Clinton in Tulsa Monday to promote education initiative Tulsa 2014-03-23
Hillary Clinton coming to Tulsa to help announce new education campaign Tulsa 2014-03-22
Hillary Clinton to speak in Tulsa Tulsa 2014-03-22
The need for affordable and safe child care Central Maine 2014-03-20
With More Poor Students, Suburban Districts Look to Expand Public Pre-K West DuPage 2014-03-20
Bill Would Further Help Low Income Parents With Child Care Denver 2014-03-19
Going for two Omaha 2014-03-14
Hungry in Illinois: One in five children in Illinois doesn't have enough to eat Chicago 2014-03-11
Saving Our Children: One Community at a Time DC 2014-03-07
Study: Georgia's pre-k program gives students an edge Atlanta 2014-03-05
Educare Omaha helps teach children about healthy eating Omaha 2014-03-03
Grading the Pre-K Evidence National 2014-02-28
The Billionaire Behind Oklahoma's Early Childhood Program Tulsa 2014-02-24
Winter Ed Seminar explores importance of social-emotional learning Chicago 2014-02-24
Educare highlighted in documentary on kindergarten readiness Lincoln 2014-02-24
OPS sees importance in early childhood education Omaha 2014-02-23
'Educare New Orleans' a poster program for closing the education gap New Orleans 2014-02-17
Low-income families focus of proposed OPS child centers Omaha 2014-02-14
Ken Levit Addresses the Goals, Procedures, and Mission of the George Kaiser Family Foundation Tulsa 2014-02-10
Educare Arizona Names New CEO Arizona 2014-02-07
Early Education In Maine Part Two Central Maine 2014-02-06
Educare leader asks Senate to support early learning programs Denver 2014-02-06
Early Education In Maine Part One Central Maine 2014-02-05
Hansen: The jury is in and study after study backs early childhood education Omaha 2014-02-04
Baby steps: High-quality preschool makes a big difference Central Maine 2014-01-31
Obama's early-learning vision already a reality Seattle 2014-01-31
Educare proves the power of data in teaching young children National 2014-01-31
Parents Look to Teachers for Help Using Educational Media at Home Chicago 2014-01-30
Congress approves increased funding for early childhood education Chicago 2014-01-30
What does the new spending bill mean for Maine? Central Maine 2014-01-26
Young mothers face pros, cons in federally funded preschool programs Chicago 2014-01-23
King visits Waterville's Educare Central Maine Central Maine 2014-01-22
Parents share how Educare Chicago inspires possibilities Chicago 2014-01-22
The Science of Brain Development in Early Childhood Lincoln 2014-01-16
Experts Urge ‘Seismic Shift’ in Approach to Better U.S. Health Care National 2014-01-15
RWJF Commission cites Educare as promising early learning program DC 2014-01-15
Educational initiatives moving forward in 2014 Silicon Valley 2014-01-07
NET program delves into brain development of young children Lincoln 2014-01-06
Maine lawmakers tour early education center Central Maine 2013-12-11
Woody Guthrie Center book drive Tulsa 2013-12-01
Fore!Kids Foundation donates nearly $1 million to local organizations New Orleans 2013-11-27
The power of pre-K: Model early ed program in Chicago lifts entire family Chicago 2013-11-23
The power of preschool done right Chicago 2013-11-23
Letter: Early start, school-parent partnerships help kids in poverty succeed Milwaukee 2013-11-16
Childhood center a boon to Gentilly community New Orleans 2013-11-14
Oklahoma! Where the Kids Learn Early Tulsa 2013-11-09
Poverty and the Brain Chicago 2013-11-05
Community Focus: Educare of New Orleans New Orleans 2013-11-04
Woody Guthrie Center Raises Money For Local Causes With Fall Concert Tulsa 2013-10-20
West Park project complete in Tulsa's Kendall-Whittier neighborhood Tulsa 2013-10-18
Editorial: Philanthropists discuss how to spend their money Tulsa 2013-10-14
Philanthropists taking part in The Giving Pledge gather in Tulsa Tulsa 2013-10-11
Susie Buffett: When children are born learning Omaha 2013-09-30
Silicon Valley leaders kick off $3 million campaign for early-childhood center in San Jose's Santee neighborhood Silicon Valley 2013-09-17
Editorial: Educare campus in Santee area has potential to transform early education in Silicon Valley Silicon Valley 2013-09-17
Nationally recognized child care program opening center in California Silicon Valley 2013-09-17
Educare prepara a los futuros estudiantes Silicon Valley 2013-09-17
Daycare's New Deal Milwaukee 2013-09-16
From Hoop Dreams to Hoop Houses Chicago 2013-09-12
Dunbar and Educare Atlanta Celebrate New Icon Atlanta 2013-09-12
If Congress won't lead, states and cities will OKC 2013-08-16
What Happens After Pre-K? Tulsa 2013-08-16
Lawmakers Visit Atlanta Early Learning Program Atlanta 2013-08-14
Investing in Early Childhood Education is the Best Way to Address Crime San Jose 2013-08-14
Will President Obama's preschool plan work? Yes: Preschool gives kids a strong start Denver 2013-08-10
Committing to Waterville's kids, future with Project 2020 Central Maine 2013-07-24
Early Learning in the Rockies Denver 2013-07-23
In Denver, Duncan promotes preschool expansion and K-12 tax measure Denver 2013-07-22
U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan in Denver on Friday Denver 2013-07-19
Investment in Kids, Communities = Investment in Health and Future DC 2013-07-16
Educare Celebrates First Anniversary; D.C. Program Praised as Nationwide Model DC 2013-06-18
Gray Touts Early Education Reform DC 2013-06-16
Northeast D.C.'s Educare a preschool model for the nation DC 2013-06-11
Two generations benefit from Casey's Atlanta efforts Atlanta 2013-05-22
Nola Access Initiative chooses Columbia Parc for $20,000 technology grant New Orleans 2013-05-21
Pre-K programs grow, even as school districts make difficult cuts Central Maine 2013-05-19
A pre-k emergency: Arizona lawmakers urged to pay now or pay later Arizona 2013-05-15
Local View: Early education aids national security Lincoln 2013-05-15
What would it cost to transform "The Hell of American Day Care"? National 2013-05-07
Tulsa Educare receives Oklahoma Nonprofit Excellence Award Tulsa 2013-05-07
Educare honored for education excellence Tulsa 2013-05-06
Educare: Putting money into education Tulsa 2013-05-05
Don't handcuff Maine to new prison Central Maine 2013-04-17
University, community leaders celebrate Educare of Lincoln grand opening Lincoln 2013-04-12
Educare grand opening Friday Lincoln 2013-04-11
Op-ed: Don't neglect tomorrow's work force Central Maine 2013-04-10
Educare of Seattle Is a model of early education and how to narrow the opportunity gap Seattle 2013-04-03
Rainbows after the storm: A proven plan to renew New Orleans New Orleans 2013-03-26
Tulsa Educare chosen as finalist for Oklahoma Nonprofit Excellence Awards Tulsa 2013-03-14
Tulsa Educare finalist for non-profit award Tulsa 2013-03-14
CEOs group looks to boost early childhood education Central Maine 2013-03-12
Business leaders commit to raising money for early childhood education Central Maine 2013-03-12
Editorial: Early childhood programs draw misguided criticism Tulsa 2013-03-05
Editorial: Early childhood education pays off Lincoln 2013-02-27
Federal budget cuts 'chip away foundation' for local families Seattle 2013-02-26
Sequestration budget cuts threaten Head Start students Seattle 2013-02-26
Editorial: Obama's preschool plan could be a boon to valley, California, and rest of the nation Silicon Valley 2013-02-22
Ten local finalists up for Oklahoma Nonprofit Excellence Awards Tulsa 2013-02-21
Nebraskans weigh cost of Obama's preschool plan Omaha 2013-02-18
Early childhood education expansion would benefit Maine children, say school officials Central Maine 2013-02-14
James Heckman: In early childhood education, ‘Quality really matters.’ National 2013-02-14
Georgia to show off preschool successes Atlanta 2013-02-14
Educare program opens in Lincoln Lincoln 2013-02-04
Educare center opening like the first day of school Lincoln 2013-02-04
Snow, early childhood, grandchildren and more Lincoln 2013-02-04
Educare center to open Feb. 4 Lincoln 2013-01-25
Winnebago Tribe gets $250,000 for new school to help at-risk kids Winnebago 2013-01-23
Shakopee Mdewakanton Award $250,000 Grant To Fund Educare Program for Winnebago Reservation Winnebago 2013-01-22

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