Our Results

Through our continuous evaluations and research, we have the proof that Educare is working to help improve outcomes for our children and their families.

Educare Works

Educare tracks program quality and child outcomes with the Educare Implementation Study. Here’s what several years of rigorous evaluation shows:

Educare narrows the achievement gap for low-income children. The majority of our students enter kindergarten with the school-readiness skills they need to succeed.

Children, including dual-language learners, who enroll in Educare before age 3 have better language skills than their peers who enroll during their preschool years.

The majority of Educare students enter kindergarten exhibiting average or above average social-emotional skills, which help them negotiate the new demands of elementary school.

Our Parents Are Actively Engaged

By placing a strong emphasis on parent engagement, Educare helps promote their involvement in their child’s education, leading to strong parent-child relationships. Our data shows that Educare parents engage actively with their children’s learning, which is important for their long-term success.



The Benefits of Educare Last

Students, on average, retain the skills they gained at Educare, as shown by three studies tracking students’ progress into elementary school.



A Model Built on a Foundation of Research

We partner with leading research institutions to continuously evaluate our programs so that we can make improvements to ensure that we are always providing the highest quality program for our children and families.