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We know from a large body of research that good quality classroom environments are associated with enhanced child outcomes in the areas of language, vocabulary, early math and social skills.

Since 2005, nationally renowned researchers from the FPG Child Development Institute at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill have tracked program quality and child and family outcomes at Educare Schools. And results from four years of study are promising. The study shows that low-income children, including children with limited proficiency in English, who started in an Educare School as babies, enter kindergarten with achievement levels close to their middle-income peers and much higher than would be expected of children in poverty.

The FPG Child Development Institute, founded in 1966 as The Frank Porter Graham Center, is one of the nation's largest centers studying young children and their families. Among its many achievements is the Abecedarian Project, a longitudinal study of preschoolers frequently cited by experts and policymakers in making the case that quality early childhood education can narrow the achievement gap. FPG researchers also developed the measurement tools now used nationally and internationally to evaluate the quality of programs, including Educare Schools.

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