Educare Learning Network Statement of Support for AAPI and Migrant Communities

As a Network, we are fierce advocates for the development, well-being and safety of all children and their families, but especially those from marginalized, under-served or otherwise vulnerable communities. We are committed to advancing equity, inclusion and belonging for all, and bring this focus into our classrooms each day, helping our youngest learners celebrate what makes them unique and develop confidence in their personal and social identities.

As we’ve watched the tragedies of the past month unfold, we are once again called to raise our collective voice to condemn all forms of racism, xenophobia, acts of hatred and inhumane treatment experienced by our communities and those nationwide.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, inflammatory and xenophobic rhetoric has put Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) people, families, communities and businesses at risk. The mass shooting in Atlanta earlier this month was a hate crime that targeted the AAPI community and tragically left eight people dead. We mourn with the families who lost loved ones through this horrendous act of violence. We also stand in solidarity with the AAPI members of our Network and within the broader community. We see you and we recognize your struggle, both throughout the pandemic and historically.

Tragically, this month brought not one, but two mass shootings that touched our community. We stand with those in the Colorado community, and with our Clayton Early Learning colleagues, as they mourn the loss of ten people to yet another senseless act of gun violence.

In addition to the tragic shootings, we’ve also born witness to the inhumane treatment of migrant children and their families at our nation’s borders. While migrant adults are being turned back by U.S. authorities, thousands of minors are detained in temporary government shelters experiencing inhumane and dangerous conditions. As early childhood educators, we understand deeply the trauma these children are experiencing and demand protection and care for all those whose arrive at our borders.

We will continue to strengthen and deepen our work as a Network to promote equitable opportunities for all children. Our Educare Learning Network policy agenda and strategic planning efforts will scaffold this work and reflect our desire to operate as an anti-racist Network, taking an active stance against hatred and discrimination. Importantly, we will also continue to create space to mourn these tragedies and support each other in our personal struggles and our journey as a Network.

In Solidarity,

The Educare Governance Council