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What happens inside an early learning classroom? A lot of exploring, discovering and learning. Early education teachers and staff partner with parents to make sure that babies, toddlers and preschoolers are developing essential social and academic skills every day. Check out our videos to see how.

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Day in the life of a preschooler

A typical day in a preschool classroom is busy! Preschool teachers plan ahead to nurture children’s curiosity and help them develop essential academic and social skills. Watch our video to see how preschoolers are exploring and learning every day.

Check out our early learning tips for ideas that you can implement in your early learning classroom.



What babies learn at school


A smooth transition from home to school


What does family engagement look like?


Fathers united in early learning

Partnering with parents

Involved. Empowered. Supported. In this video, parents and staff share what it means to partner and work together for young children.

This partnership is essential in early learning programs as parents are a child’s first teacher and integral to their academic, social and emotional development.



Cooking up preschool lessons


Parents are key partners


The power of learning two languages


What parents think of early learning

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