Educare Arizona celebrates five-year anniversary

Educare Arizona marks key milestones that highlight its impact on children, families, educators and the community. The school welcomed its sixth class of children on July 28. In that class of 191 will be the 1,000th student Educare has served since opening its doors five years ago.

The impact of Educare Arizona doesn’t end with children. The school also will welcome a group of new educators seeking their Child Development Assistant designation. In that group will be the 400th teacher that Educare Arizona has trained in its five-year history, establishing it as a local hub for training educators in early childhood education.

“The milestones we are celebrating this summer demonstrate that high-quality early childhood experiences like Educare Arizona can make a permanent difference in the life of a child who might otherwise find his or her potential limited by life circumstances,” said Lisa Fernandez, chief development officer for Educare Arizona. “And Educare Arizona isn’t just about changing the paths of children. Our teacher training programs have been so successful that they are being shared with other Educare schools across the country.”

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