Educare Atlanta children celebrate youth art month

This March, Educare Atlanta children decorated their school with colorful crepe paper, created impressive works of art and visited Georgia Governor Nathan Deal—all in celebration of Youth Art Month 2014. Educare Atlanta’s artist-in-residence Thea McElvy led the children in a variety of activities and events throughout the month, including creating a 12 x 12 collage, which they presented to Governor Deal on March 13.

The children also had fun with sidewalk chalk art on “Curb Appeal Day,” posed creatively with famous works of art and constructed masterpieces for an art contest sponsored by the Children’s Museum of Atlanta and the Atlanta Regional Commission. McElvy, along with the other Educare artists-in-residence, uses art as a way to promote children’s self expression and support their social-emotional growth, language and literacy.

“My hope is that these art techniques can be used throughout the children’s school years,” McElvy said. “I’m sure there will be many projects in their future! Knowing how to start a form or how to make something stand or have texture gives them a foundation to critical and creative thinking.”

Using folk arts from around the world, McElvy also sees the art projects as opportunities to discuss other cultures with the children and increase their vocabularies by introducing them to new words. Educare schools intentionally integrate arts into classroom curriculum with the help of artists-in-residence. Professional artists, dancers, musicians and storytellers partner with classroom teachers to plan and meet the objectives of both arts and education goals—and to expose children to a variety of art forms, genres and styles.

Check out the Educare Atlanta Youth Art Month photo gallery below.