Educare Chicago alumni parents connect, engage and give back

The Educare Chicago Alumni Network (ECAN), a group of former Educare Chicago parents, helps promote success for past and present Educare Chicago children and families from the early years to college.

Open to all parents, grandparents and caregivers of children who transitioned from Educare, ECAN provides an avenue for former parents to stay connected with each other and the school. It is also a way for members to help other parents by providing resources, programs and events for current and former families.

“I have four children who transitioned out of Educare,” said ECAN member Kenya Conley. “It was like a second home to me, so I just try to find a way to get back into Educare and to give back.”

ECAN offers programs for parents, children and teens, including tutoring, a summer programs resource fair, and informational sessions about parenting and school-related topics.

Watch a new video about ECAN.