Educare children are mini art masters at New Orleans Museum of Art

This year Educare New Orleans children had the opportunity to learn from experts at the New Orleans Museum of Art (NOMA) – and become celebrated artists themselves – through NOMA’s Mini Masters program. Now in its second year, Mini Masters is an innovative early childhood learning program and community collaboration created by NOMA to develop arts lessons for preschool children.

The Mini Masters program includes visits to the museum and classroom instruction for preschoolers. The program builds on the children’s interests and introduces them to images, color and form, while teaching them how to describe what they see, think critically and recreate and interpret the works of art.

“The arts program, as a whole has been a big excitement here at Educare. Our children, once they visited NOMA, they came back and everybody wanted to be an artist,” said Andrew Amadee, master teacher at Educare New Orleans. He added that one of the children’s favorite parts of the museum was the sculpture garden. “There weresome things in the garden they had never seen before. They asked a lot of high-order thinking questions,” Amadee said.

At the conclusion of the program, the children were recognized during a celebration for them and their parents at the museum with their art proudly on display.

Mini Masters is a community partnership with Andrew H. Wilson Charter School, Bayou District Foundation, Early Learning Focus Inc., Educare New Orleans, Kid’s Kingdom Academy, Kingsley House, and the Tulane University Teacher Preparation and Certification Program, and is supported in part by the Patrick F. Taylor Foundation, the Bayou District Foundation and NOLA Media Group.

Learn more about what the children experienced through the Mini Masters program in the following video.