Educare featured in new book by Paul Tough

Educare is highlighted as a promising early learning program in a new book by Paul Tough, called Helping Children Succeed: What Works and Why.

The book explores what adults can do to create the kinds of environments at home and at school where children, especially those living in poverty or facing other disadvantages, can develop the social-emotional skills essential for success in life.

The book devotes a chapter to the importance of creating nurturing early experiences for infants and toddlers. Tough praises the engaging and warm learning environment in Educare schools that supports the healthy development of young children.

Educare serves more than 3,400 low-income children from birth to age 5 in our network of 21 effective early childhood schools across the country. Our comprehensive program incorporates what science says young children need to flourish. We also advocate at the local, state and federal levels to increase access to quality early learning programs for all children.

Tough’s book describes other programs and interventions that can help children of all ages overcome adversity and succeed academically. Learn more about the book.