Network Governance

The Educare Governance Council (EGC) was first established by the Educare Network in 2020 for a three-fold purpose:

  1. To create clarity around our mission
  2. To help advance our work as a generative, peer-led Network; and
  3. To strengthen our impact on the greater early childhood field.

This shared governance structure helps ensure that the decisions made in our Network are reflective of input and priorities gathered from leadership in the field.

Led by co-chairs Ginger Ward and Shawn Gerth, the EGC has brought energy and commitment to drive the work of the Network forward and help us remain focused, despite the pressing concerns of an ongoing pandemic.

2021-2022 EGC Representatives 

Here are the 11 EGC representatives for the 2021-2022 school year:

Executive Director Representatives







  • Ginger Ward, Southwest Human Development/Educare Arizona, EGC co-chair
  • Shawn Gerth, Educare California at Silicon Valley, EGC co-chair
  • Rafel Hart, Educare Omaha
  • Gladys Montes, United Way Miami/Educare Miami

Research Representative







  • Diane Horm, University of Oklahoma Tulsa/Educare Tulsa

Policy Representative







  • Lori Pittman, Puget Sound Educational Service District/Educare Seattle

Practice Representative

  • OPEN

Sustainability Representative 







  • Valerie Wheatley, Kingsley House/Educare New Orleans

Standing Members







  • Cynthia Jackson, Educare Network
  • Jessie Rasmussen, Buffett Early Childhood Fund
  • Diana Rauner, Start Early