Educare schools build strong relationships with parents

Parents are their children’s first teachers. Educare teachers and staff know that building relationships with parents is the key to working together well to prepare young children for success.

“We believe the most profound impact we can have on children and families is to use the vehicle of strong, nurturing relationships,” says Portia Kennel, senior advisor, Buffett Early Childhood Fund, and founding executive director, Educare Learning Network.

For this reason, family engagement is one of Educare’s four core features. Families partner with staff to assess their child’s developmental progress and engage their child in activities in their home, neighborhood and community. Families and staff work together to improve the child’s growth and development in and outside of school.

Family engagement at Educare also means partnering with families to build mutually respectful, goal-oriented relationships that support strong parent-child relationships, family well-being, and ongoing learning and development for parents and children.

“I love that I have strong, open relationships with her teachers because we are co-parenting,” says Nikita Johnson, an Educare New Orleans parent. “We are all trying to fulfill this one goal of making a successful child, so we are all doing this together.”

To learn more about family engagement at Educare, watch our video “The Power of Relationships.”