Educare staff featured in new education policy book

Three Educare school staff members are featured in a new book about education policies that benefit low-income children.

The book, Education for Upward Mobility, was edited by Michael J. Petrilli. One chapter, written by Educare partners at the Ounce of Prevention Fund, describes the benefits of investing in early childhood education. It includes vignettes from three Educare staff members describing how their work contributes to child and family success.

Jackie Green, a teacher from Educare Seattle, recounts techniques she uses to nurture language development in infants and toddlers. John Kocher, a preschool teacher from Educare Milwaukee, describes how he uses intentional teaching methods to help children develop healthy social-emotional skills. Nena Cunningham, family services coordinator from Educare Central Maine, expounds on the importance of supporting strong parent-child relationships.

Learn more about the book or read an earlier version of the book chapter published by the Fordham Institute.

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