Maine parent testifies at state budget hearing

Kaitlyn Paulette, a parent from Educare Central Maine, testified at a February 24 state budget hearing to urge legislators to continue supporting Head Start programs. The Maine governor’s budget proposes a $1.2 million cut to Head Start.

Paulette shared her family’s story of the challenge of finding services for their son who has special needs. Paulette eventually enrolled him in Educare Central Maine, an Early Head Start and Head Start program.

“He grew in ways I had longed for. Now 5, he loves Educare, he calls it school and gets all of his services there,” Paulette said. “I’ve continued to learn to be a better mom and advocate for him thanks to the supports this program has offered my whole family.”

“Head Start has been my link to my community. It’s helped me create a village to support my baby boy,” Paulette continued. “Head Start doesn’t just impact people who attend. I believe it creates a community with a vision and a common goal. By choosing to support this program, you’re supporting families and future workforces.”

Watch the video of Paulette’s testimony.

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