Parent finds ‘warm and supportive environment’ at Educare

An Educare Central Maine parent shares how the school and its parent organization, KVCAP, have helped her and her family weather challenges by providing support, resources and quality early learning.

My name is Kristina and I am the proud mother of three wonderful boys and a beautiful girl. All of my children have attended Educare and our journey started some time ago.

I was involved in a relationship from the time I was 16 until I was 22. No one knew, but I felt like a prisoner in my own home. Initially I found Educare as a place that would offer childcare for my children so that I could work. I needed a safe haven for my boys and I wasn’t comfortable leaving them home with their father. He had been abusive and controlling of me for years and I was unsure of how he would parent them without me around. As time continued and I became brave enough, I realized that my children were getting older and more aware of the situation. I left this unhealthy situation and wanted my children to know this was not how to treat other people.

Fast forward a few years down the road, my boys were all in public school and Educare was a thing of our past, so I thought. I found a man that treats me with respect and is a great role model for our children. I gave birth to my daughter and shortly after was rushed to the hospital to find out that I have an arteriovenous malformation, or AVM, similar to a tumor or growth in my brain that could rupture at any moment.

According to the American Stroke Association, this occurs in less than 1% of the population. I had to make the trip to Boston and wasn’t even sure if I would make the trip back. Surgery wasn’t an option as the location was too scary for the doctor to even consider removing it. I was left with the option of proton-beam radiation therapy in hopes that it would shrink the in-operable and dangerous tangle of veins and arteries in my brain.

Now, I was left with trying to get everything in order for my family so that I could get myself to Boston and receive the much-needed treatment so I could return to my family healthy. I had a baby who was only a few weeks old and my emotions were all over the place. I reached out to Educare for support. I remembered that warm and supportive environment from when my boys were there and the home visits and parent teacher conferences that I enjoyed being a part of. The staff were able to enroll my daughter and I knew that she would be well cared for in my absence.

I am thankful to say that the treatment did shrink the AVM some and I am able to be a part of my family and enjoy every day with them.

KVCAP has been a support in so many different ways over the years. They have provided me with financial resources to help me get through some tough times and car seats that were in-stalled correctly into my vehicle.

I always feel supported and know that when I go to work, my child is in the best care possible. Recently I have joined the Educare Central Maine Parent Ambassador program to help strengthen the message of quality care and education in the lives of families. We are also working on getting a house and look forward to a happy and healthy future for my family.