Parent shares how Educare has become ‘a big part’ of her family

Flavia, an Educare Central Maine parent, recounts how being involved with the school and its operating organization, KVCAP, has helped her overcome a challenging past so she can achieve her goals for herself and her family.


My childhood was traumatic to say the least. I lived in three different countries by the time I was 14. I lived primarily with my grandmother, but was taken from her and brought to the United States by my mother, who I didn’t really know.

The stress of all the new surroundings and new responsibilities proved to be too much for my mother to handle so she took her frustrations out on my sisters and me. I was removed from the house by the state at age 15 and was on my own by age 16.

I adopted Kiara, my oldest daughter as a newborn. I felt like I had love in my heart and I needed to pour it onto someone. I struggled throughout my 20’s trying to be a good mother while still dealing with the dysfunction of my family. I finally took a huge step and moved to Maine so that I could dedicate my time and attention to my kids and myself.

I fell in love with Waterville, Maine, and primarily Educare. It amazed me that a community could care so much for the children in the area. I was not used to that. I met Janelle, a home visitor at KVCAP, and she helped me set new goals and raise my standards, growing closer to my ultimate goals in life. As much as Head Start helps children, at the same time, it’s helped me find myself, and find a new passion I’ve never felt before.

When my son AJ enrolled in Educare, I felt secure knowing he would be safe and in such a great environment while I took care of myself. I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am.

Educare is now a big part of our family. We all love it! My daughters love when I attend my meetings each month so they can visit their brother’s school–and he loves showing it off.

I love volunteering and spending time at Educare and the environment is so positive. Being part of the parent policy council is such a great opportunity and allowed me to become a parent ambassador. Meeting people from across the country opened my eyes and has honestly been a life-changing experience for me.

To see my son throughout the day interacting with his new friends, hugging them and showing such a connection fills me up with so much emotion. Though the trauma I survived as a child, being so young didn’t allow me to understand it at first, but with time, I am learning. I’m learning what love is.

With the time I have during the day, I’m able to work and go to school full-time. After several years and countless attempts, I am passing and on track to graduate with a GPA of 3.85!

On December 15, 2017, we moved into our own single-family home with the biggest back yard on the street. The dreams I’m watching come to fruition wouldn’t be possible without the help I get daily from Educare. The fact that Kiara told me she was proud of all the progress I’ve been making throughout the past year–that’s the best gift I’ve ever received. What more can you ask for, than to make your child proud?