The Educare Research Agenda on Racial Equity

Educare’s new research agenda guides our collective inquiry to interrogate policies and systems, resulting in transformative learnings for the field and advancing greater equity in access and opportunities.

This agenda strives to advance racial equity by asking and answering questions to better understand, engage, and support children, families and ECE leaders & staff of color – including Black, Hispanic/Latine, Asian, American Indian or Alaskan Native and others who have been marginalized (immigrants, refugees) – in ways that center their voices, amplify their strengths, and lead to actionable information for practice, program and policy change.

Why a research agenda on racial equity?

As a Network, we’re focused on dismantling systemic and institutional racism and creating a more equitable world where all children can thrive – and this kind of research can help better address evidence gaps, advance equity, and realize our vision, both within and beyond the Network.

This agenda helps us collaborate in specific ways to accomplish our Network’s strategic priorities through collective research and inquiry, with sample questions organized into four categories of focus:

  1. Policies & Systems
  2. Programs & Professionals
  3. Communities, Families & Children
  4. Measurement & Data

The work has already begun! We invite you to read, share, discuss and engage with our new research agenda.


Read the Research Agenda