Strategies for Finding and Hiring Qualified Early Childhood Professionals

Quentin Brown, executive director at Educare Lincoln, is familiar with the challenges of staffing an early childhood workforce, especially during a pandemic. Here, he offers some tips, based on recent experience, to help school leaders effectively identify, engage and hire great employees.

1. Focus on Your Organizational Image
Consider: How am I portraying my school to the community? Are we involved? Do people know who we are? What might need to change to become a more attractive employer? In general, candidates look for an organization through which to grow professionally and personally and one with a strong presence in their community. Make sure your brand is something they will be proud to represent.

2. Leverage Partnerships
Ask existing partners to promote your job openings. Consider working with a professional recruiter who can support your broader efforts by narrowing the scope, pinpointing and vetting individual candidates to interview, especially those in the local area with close ties to your school.

3. Invest in Your Future Staff (and School Outcomes)
Accept that you may need to spend money (through paid job advertisements, recruiting services, increased wages, etc) to attract and retain high-quality staff who will make the most meaningful impact on children, families and the community.