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The Educare Learning Network’s Policy Agenda, The Educare Five, introduces five public policy priorities that matter most to the future of our families and to the educator workforce in our communities.


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Educare positively impacts children, families and communities every day.


At Educare, we believe everyone deserves a fair chance to achieve their dreams, and it starts by leveling the playing field from the day we’re born.

As one of the nation’s most effective early childhood schools, we ensure young children from under-resourced communities have the best possible chance for success in life. Our approach extends beyond the classroom to help children, families and neighborhoods thrive.

Impact of COVID-19 on Partnerships

Featuring stories from Educare organizations’ Early Head Start-Child Care Partnerships across the country, our 8-part series, A Path to High-Quality Child Care through Partnerships, highlights the impact of COVID-19 on Partnerships grantees, their child care partners, and the families they serve.