As one of the nation’s most effective early childhood education schools, Educare is creating bright futures for thousands of low-income young children and families. Our schools provide children from birth to age 5 with quality early education, support families, arm teachers with effective teaching practices and share research to elevate early learning nationwide.


Educare Levels the Playing Field

Young children living in poverty face challenges that make it difficult to stay on track with their peers. For this reason, Educare Centers use research-based, high-quality practices to help children develop the academic and social-emotional skills essential for success in school and life. Educare also provides support and education to open up endless possibilities for whole families.

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From One School to a Nationwide Network

Educare started in 2000 with one school and has become one of the leading early learning models with schools across the country. Learn more about Educare’s history.


Work for Educare

Interested in helping us improve outcomes for low‑income children and families? Check out careers with Educare.


Develop an Educare School

Each Educare school starts with a strong public-private partnership in local communities. Schools also implement the comprehensive Educare model inside a state-of-the-art building.