Noses On! Educare Learning Network Partners with Comic Relief

The Educare Learning Network is proud to partner with Comic Relief US for the third year as a Red Nose Day Fund grantee. Red Nose Day supports programs, like Educare, that keep children safe, healthy, educated and empowered.

This year, in addition to supporting best practices and innovation, Red Nose Day funds have helped Educare schools and the families they serve overcome the educational barriers and economic challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Because of the high rate of COVID-19 infections in five-year-old Mason’s community, his parents were no longer comfortable sending him to school in-person. Thankfully, Educare California at Silicon Valley (ECSV) could still welcome Mason and his family into their innovative distance learning program, which focuses on social and emotional growth as well as academic milestones. This comprehensive program is funded in part through a Red Nose Day grant to the Educare Learning Network and donations made at Walgreens.

Mason’s mother reports that his behavior has improved dramatically as a result. “Not only did the teachers support Mason’s learning, but they created the best conditions for him to thrive, even during the pandemic.”

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For educators like ShaLaya Morehouse at Educare Milwaukee, Red Nose Day donations provide access to high-quality professional development opportunities that boost staff morale and career satisfaction while improving educational experiences for students through the use of individually-tailored teaching methods based on school data.

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During this difficult year, Red Nose Day grants have also provided a variety of important technological supports to Educare children and families:

  • Educare Arizona launched the Construct Parent Portal, keeping families connected and well-informed throughout the pandemic
  • Educare Atlanta held virtual Parent Cafes for families to discuss challenges and maintain their relationships with one another
  • Educare Denver bought hotspots for families without internet access so both children and their caregivers could engage in online learning. The school used another portion of the funds to supply in-building staff members with gloves, masks and hand sanitizer.

Finally, Red Nose Day supports the ongoing work of teachers like Mom Khit, whose dedication to her students and the mission of her school, Educare Los Angeles at Long Beach, brought Kelly Clarkson to tears. Watch the clip.

You, too, can help children like Mason and teachers like ShaLaya and Mom! Donate to Red Nose Day today to unlock your Digital Red Nose. Then, post a photo on social media and spread the word! Thank you for your continued dedication to our youngest learners.