Educare New Orleans

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Educare New Orleans is part of a broad community redevelopment effort let by the Bayou District Foundation that aims to revitalize an area of the city devastated by Hurricane Katrina. The school, built from a combination of new construction and the renovation of former public housing buildings, is part of the foundation’s “cradle to college” education resources in the neighborhood, which also include new elementary and high schools. Educare New Orleans is the first school in the Network located in the gulf south.


EHS-CCP in New Orleans: Stronger, Better, Together

October 14, 2022

The Early Head Start-Child Care Partnerships (EHS-CCP) are federally-funded, locally-run programs that bring together the best of Early Head Start and child care through a layering of funding to provide comprehensive and continuous early child development and family engagement services… Read More




Educare New Orleans
3801 Saint Bernard Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70122

Quick Facts:

  • Serves 168 children and their families
  • Opened in October 2013
  • Partners:  Bayou District Foundation, Kingsley House, Total Community Action, Housing Authority of New Orleans