Educare Oklahoma City

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Educare Oklahoma City is a high-quality early childhood school that prepares children birth to age five for success in kindergarten and beyond. The school offers on-site access to infant-toddler mental health services and bilingual staff to bolster children’s language development. Educare Oklahoma City also has robust resources for families, including parent-child activities, a parent resource room, skill-building workshops, counseling support, and partnerships with organizations that provide health care and other necessities.


What is it that we really want?: Q&A with the Educare Learning Network’s Early Head Start-Child Care Partnerships Community of Practice

August 31, 2020

Build It Back Better is a project of Start Early (formerly known as the Ounce) focused on identifying the critical questions that early childhood systems and services must ask as we rebuild after the COVID-19 pandemic.  The writings that emerge… Read More



Educare Oklahoma City
500 SE Grand Boulevard
Oklahoma City, OK 73129

Quick Facts:

  • Serves 212 children
  • Opened in July 2009
  • Partners: Inasmuch Foundation, Sunbeam Family Services, Community Action Agency of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma City Public Schools, United Way, State of Oklahoma, Potts Family Foundation, George Kaiser Foundation