Our Strategy

An Opportunity for Change

Right now, we are faced with a rare and urgent opportunity to influence the early childhood education field — and as a Network, we are responding with a strategic direction that is both timely and bold.

Our new strategy, developed by the Educare Governance Council with input from Educare leaders, staff, partners and families, is constructed around a framework of three building blocks: Exemplify, Innovate and Amplify. Together, these building blocks inform our strategic objectives, help set actionable priorities and chart the course for an exciting future for the Educare Learning Network.

Our Building Blocks



All Educare schools provide a high-quality, comprehensive early childhood education, working alongside others to codify and communicate the essential elements of excellent early childhood education.




Through data-informed innovation and a culture of continuous quality improvement, Educare drives improved practices and outcomes that can be replicated in programs across the country.





Quality early childhood education (particularly for the first five years) is embedded into national policy and funding conversations and decisions, and the national discourse reflects the necessity of excellent early care, education and experiences for all children.




Read the full Strategy Overview here.