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Educare's 2022 Year in Review

November 7, 2022
Updated September 21, 2023

The 2021-2022 school year was one of effecting change, inspiring communities, weathering new and old challenges, and persevering together – as a Network of early childhood champions and partners, parents and teachers, leaders and visionaries.

We’re excited to share highlights of our work together this year, from groundbreaking research to collaborative initiatives and more, with the 2022 Year in Review!

We invite you to dig into how we’re driving towards solutions to problems facing the early childhood education field, and join us in moving forward with a renewed sense of purpose and refreshed commitment to our mission. Thank you for your partnership and support as together we advance our vision of a future where all children have access to effective early learning.

Read the full 2022 Year in Review.

Year in Review