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2023 Year in Review

December 21, 2023
Updated February 13, 2024

Building Brighter Futures Together

We’re excited to share our annual Educare Network Year in Review, which highlights our efforts, accomplishments and discoveries as a nationwide network of early childhood champions during the 2022-2023 school year. We invite you to explore all we’ve done together in the past year!

This past year, we advanced essential priorities within the Network’s core strategic pillars of “Exemplify, Innovate and Amplify.” We continued to elevate and expand access to quality early learning and care, partner with caregivers and families to advance policy change, build the early childhood workforce, and share Educare’s innovative practices and learnings within and beyond the Network.

As we celebrate twenty years of collective learning and exponential growth, we are poised to create lasting change in the field of early childhood education – and we are so grateful to all of our many partners, donors and supporters who join us in this work. 

What’s Inside

Here’s what you can expect to see captured in our Year in Review:

  • About the Educare Network
  • Our Reach
  • Advancing Equity in the Early Years through Research, Data and Partnership
  • Elevating Parent and Provider Voices for Sustainable Change
  • Amplifying Best Practices and Key Learnings in the Early Childhood Field
  • Recognizing Our Supporter and Partners


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Our Reach

The Educare Network is 25 schools strong and growing, located in 15 states, the District of Columbia and on tribal land. In addition to Educare schools, our Network also includes partnerships with major universities and research institutions in every community served, as well as professional development training providers in key states.

Highlights of Our Work

Advancing Equity in the Early Years

In 2023, we released our Educare Research Agenda on Advancing Racial Equity, which guides our collective inquiry to interrogate policies and systems, shaping our contributions to the national conversation around how to best support young children and families in the earliest years of life, resulting in transformative learnings for the field and advancing greater equity in access and opportunities.

Read the Research Agenda

Research and Practice Partnership (RPP) Efforts

Educare researchers conducted research and amplified findings and data on a wide range of topics, including factors affecting children’s attendance, the well-being of Hispanic children during the pandemic, teacher turnover and retention, and more.

Through a variety of projects and activities, we also partnered with researchers and subject matter experts at institutions and organizations beyond the Network, such as Attendance Works and the National Center for Families Learning.

Elevating Parent and Provider Voices for Sustainable Change

At the National Parent Ambassador Institute in Washington, D.C., nearly 100 parent leaders and staff from 18 Educare schools conducted 33 Congressional office visits to share their experiences and advocate for priorities reflected in the Educare Five Public Policy Agenda.

At the Network level and at schools across the country, we also expanded connections to a growing cadre of national policy and advocacy partners, with new opportunities to influence change and leverage our lived experience as parents and providers on a range of policy issues.

Amplifying Best Practices and Key Learnings in the Field

Last year, we continued to transform our programming, responding in real time to local challenges, convening and connecting with school leaders and staff, and offering communities of practice and other peer opportunities.

Educare’s National Coordinating Office provided a diverse array of high-quality training, consultation, online convenings, professional development and learning events to all 25 operating Educare schools across all areas of work.

Celebrating 20 Years at the Educare Network Meeting

Over 200 Educare staff, leaders, parents, local and national philanthropic partners and board members came together at the 2023 Network Meeting in New Orleans to learn, connect, and build relationships – and celebrate Educare’s milestone 20th anniversary!

Dive deeper into the 2022-2023 school year with the full Year in Review.

2023 Year in Review

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